Maegan Tucker is a first year graduate student at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the Mechanical and Civil Engineering (MCE) PhD program. In May 2017, Maegan graduated Summa Cum Laude from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. At Georgia Tech, Maegan conducted undergraduate research designing and evaluating a powered transfemoral prosthesis as a part of both Dr. Ames' AMBER Lab and Dr. Young's EPIC Lab. During her undergraduate studies, Maegan has also conducted research for Dr. Julie Linsey and Dr. Raghu Pucha. Please read about Maegan's research and industry experiences below or contact her using any of the following methods.

Maegan's Resume can also be viewed HERE or downloaded HERE


Email Maegan at mtucker@caltech.edu or tucker.maegan@gmail.com


View Maegan's LinkedIn profile or message her at www.linkedin.com/in/maegan-tucker


The following are some projects that Maegan has been involved with.

Prosthetic Foot Design 1

Design, Modeling, Machining

Prosthetic Foot Design 2

Prosthetic Design, Modeling

Metabolic Cost Experiment

Human Subject Testing, Data Analysis

S.U.R.E Research Symposium

Poster and Oral Presentation Skills

NCR Product Design

Product Design, Design for Manufacturing, Documentation

Makerspace People Counter

Data Analysis, Human Experiment

Carbon Nanotubule Analysis

MATLAB Coding, Nanotubule Analysis

Bowser Mario Kart

Hand Sketches, AutoCad, Inventor

Creative Interests

Photography, Piano, Voice, Songwriting

Experiences Timeline

Some of Maegan's academic and industrial experiences can be seen in the following timeline.

  • Summer 2013

    GT Oxford Study Abroad

    Maegan had the amazing opportunity to explore Europe during the first summer of her undergraduate career.

  • Summer 2014

    Research Assistant for Dr. Pucha

    During the Summer of 2014, Maegan conducted research for Dr. Pucha exploring the electrical resistance and capacitance of 3D-generated Carbon Nanotubule matrices.

  • Fall 2014

    NCR Co-op Term 1

    Maegan's first co-op semester with NCR focused on product design in which she contributed to the beginning stage of a new Point of Sale (POS) terminal. Maegan addressed the project deliverables and created several design concepts to help create viable designs.

  • Spring 2015

    GT Lorraine Study Abroad

    Study abroad experience at GT's satellite campus in Lorraine, France

  • Summer 2015

    NCR Co-op Term 2

    During Maegan's second semester co-oping at NCR she facilitated prototype builds and product testing. Maegan worked closely with a team of three electrical engineers, 2 mechanical engineers, and 2 lab technicians to build, test, and optimize 3 different POS terminals being developed.

  • Fall 2015

    IDREEM Lab

    During this semester, Maegan was a Research Assistant for Dr. Linsey's IDREEM Lab exploring idea generation and the effect of makerspaces on student efficacy and success.

  • Spring 2016

    NCR Co-op Term 3

    Maegan's third co-op semester at NCR was focused on releasing three new POS terminals. This included lots of testing and documentation.

  • Summer 2016-December 2016

    AMBER Lab

    As a member of the Georgia Tech S.U.R.E. Program, Maegan worked in Dr. Ames' AMBER Lab investigating the implementation of bipedal robotic controllers on a prosthetic device to obtain safe, stable, efficient walking. Maegan is still a current undergraduate research assistant in the AMBER lab.

  • December 2016-September 2017

    EPIC Lab

    After the AMBER Lab moved to Caltech, Maegan continued working with Dr. Young and officially joined his new lab, the EPIC lab. Maegan obtained her own funding through the Georgia Tech President's Undergraduate Research Award (PURA). Maegan is assisted in machining a new lower limb prosthesis. After graduating from Georgia Tech in May 2017, Maegan continued conducting research with the lab over the summer and contributed to developing and implementing an impedance-based controller on the device.

  • September 2017-Current

    Caltech / AMBER Lab

    Maegan is now a graduate student in the Caltech Mechanical Engineering PhD program as a part of the Mechanical and Civil Engineering (MCE) department. Maegan is a member of the AMBER Lab under the advisement of Dr. Aaron Ames.

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