Selected Publications

Below are my publications related to bipedal locomotion

Preference-Based Learning for Exoskeleton Gait Optimization

Maegan Tucker*, Ellen Novoseller*, Claudia Kann, Yanan Sui, Yisong Yue, Joel W. Burdick, and Aaron D. Ames (*Equal Contribution)
ICRA 2020 (Best Overall Conference Paper, Best Paper in Human-Robot Interaction)

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Towards variable assistance for lower body exoskeletons

Thomas Gurriet, Maegan Tucker, Alexis Duburcq, Guilhem Boeris, Aaron D Ames
RA-L with ICRA Option 2020

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Preference-based learning for user-guided HZD gait generation on bipedal walking robots

Maegan Tucker, Noel Csomay-Shanklin, Wen-Loong Ma, Aaron D Ames
ICRA 2021

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Natural Multicontact Walking for Robotic Assistive Devices via Musculoskeletal Models and Hybrid Zero Dynamics

Kejun Li, Maegan Tucker, Rachel Gehlhar, Yisong Yue, Aaron D Ames
In Review RA-L with ICRA Option 2022

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Learning Controller Gains on Bipedal Walking Robots via User Preferences

Noel Csomay-Shanklin, Maegan Tucker, Min Dai, Jenna Reher, Aaron D Ames
In Review ICRA 2022

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