Final project for the Georgia Tech course ME1770 Introduction to Engineering Graphics

Introduction to Engineering Graphics and Visualization Final Project

This complete 3D model was created by me and a team of 3 other Georgia Tech Students. First each part was designed using technical hand sketches. Then these sketches were converted into 2D drawings using AutoCad. These 2D sketches were then transformed into 3D models using Inventor. After all of the parts were created, they were then assembled and properly constrained.

The following images show the design process for one of the parts. This part was the head frame for the Mario Kart.

Bowser Head Sketch 2D Drawing Bowser Head Drawing Bowser Head Component
CAD Components

Final Assembly Renderings:

Some final assembly model drawings and renderings can be seen below.

Bowser Sketch Bowser Exploded Sketch Bowser Render 1 Bowser Render 2 Bowser Render 3 Bowser Render 4 Bowser Render 5 Bowser Render 6
Bowser Renderings